Here at “Grateful and Clean Clothing,” we wanted to share how it was all a dream and then our dream came to life.  

From my own experience, and the hard work of one extraordinary lady this dream started to breathe fire. It was when my girl believed in me enough to convince me to try to do something which reflects the passion and enthusiasm I have always had for Narcotics Anonymous and to make that dream a reality.  

On November 7, 2017, my wife Jodie talked to me about the designs I had thought of and said that I should bring them to life and start my own company. We discussed different ways in which this gratitude and love could ignite an explosion of passion in our area, the Mon-Valley, a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Without the constant dedicated help of several recovering addicts, who were essential to our mission, this dream would of never happened. We then covered all aspects of fanning that flame of our imagination. 

Months before I talked with a friend Anthony Felix from Southern California, and I was inspired by his company “Living Clean Clothing.”  I enjoyed being able to spark similar enthusiasm with all of us here on the east coast in Pittsburgh, PA that he has for his company out in LA on the west coast. After those moments of clarity and tons of hard work "WE" at “Grateful and Clean Clothing”  created our very own image based on our love for Narcotics Anonymous. While we incorporate our deepest gratitude and blend it into our taste of recovery clothing, we fan that flame of creativity that recovery teaches us. 

Through moments like those, it was when “Grateful and Clean Clothing” began. Our name says it all; it states what we desire most of all in life. As we design our image-based off the love of Narcotics Anonymous, we also identify with our vision, which is; Lost dreams DO awaken, and the possibilities are ALWAYS endless if we SIMPLY - Stay Grateful and Stay Clean.  



Joey and Jodie Pagano Charleroi, PA